Duck and Glass Noodle Salad

IMG_5496Last year after cooking a rather large roast chicken for Easter, I was looking for new and inspiring dishes to use up all the leftovers. I turned to Nigella Lawson’s “Feast” and came across a fantastic asian-inspired Turkey and Glass Noodle Salad. According to Nigella, it draws inspiration from Vietnamese ingredients.

This is a very versatile recipe – you can easily substitute duck or chicken for turkey which is what I did this year after Christmas. It’s also a great refreshing dish after the excess of Christmas dinner and reminds me of home. One of the things I have missed living in New York is great Vietnamese and Thai food.

Notes: I tore the duck rather than cutting it up and substituted pea shoot sprouts as I couldn’t find bean sprouts. Continue reading

Nigella Feasts… In London, but shops in NY?

I’m finally watching “Nigella Feasts” on YouTube (oh how I love YouTube) and noticed in at least two episodes now, that she has gone shopping in NY, first Broadway Panhandler and then Dean & Deluca on Prince & Broadway. Then they immediately show her in her London kitchen, which for me is really incongruous knowing as I do, exactly where these shops are. It seems like she’s just popped over to NY to do a spot of grocery shopping!

However, I do love this show and think I’ll give the old fashioned chocolate cake a go very soon. As soon as my colleagues forgive me for the giant size pack of Lindor balls I gave them this week.

I also highly recommend her brownie recipe from “Domestic Goddess.”