Duck and Glass Noodle Salad

IMG_5496Last year after cooking a rather large roast chicken for Easter, I was looking for new and inspiring dishes to use up all the leftovers. I turned to Nigella Lawson’s “Feast” and came across a fantastic asian-inspired Turkey and Glass Noodle Salad. According to Nigella, it draws inspiration from Vietnamese ingredients.

This is a very versatile recipe – you can easily substitute duck or chicken for turkey which is what I did this year after Christmas. It’s also a great refreshing dish after the excess of Christmas dinner and reminds me of home. One of the things I have missed living in New York is great Vietnamese and Thai food.

Notes: I tore the duck rather than cutting it up and substituted pea shoot sprouts as I couldn’t find bean sprouts. Continue reading

Lunch in Central Park

Had a lunch today in Central Park and spent the time watching the ducks swimming around and ‘duck diving’ for food. So cute. Their little feet paddling away furiously and their feathery bums wiggling in the air.