Delia Smith’s Chocolate Truffles

In a recent conversation about food and cooking, one of my younger friends told me she didn’t know who Delia Smith was! I was amazed by this since Delia is pretty much the reason I’m such a good cook now. Thanks to her excellent recipes and detailed instructions, I was able to try new and different recipes with almost 100% success rate. Delia was really my first proper cookery teacher and engendered a love of traditional English cooking which endures today.

For the uninitiated, here are a couple clips of her making chocolate truffles – the recipe is on her website:

New Cookbook Delivery

30 Minute Meals

Last week I received a new order of cookbooks from some of my favourite English chefs: Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson and Skye Gyngell (well, really Skye is an expat Aussie).

I am particularly excited about Jamie’s new book “30 Minute Meals” because it is a new concept – instead of individual recipes under various categories, each mini chapter is a whole meal including dessert and theoretically, each meal takes only 30 minutes to complete. There are also plenty of mouth-watering photographs of each dish for inspiration and motivation.

Time to get cooking…